The final goodbye

The final goodbye

  • How To Choose Music For a Funeral

    When planning a funeral, there are a lot of things to consider. Between choosing a venue, letting people know about the funeral, and organising the cremation or burial, choosing music might be the last thing you want to think about. However, it is an important aspect of a funeral and really adds some atmosphere to the event. You can ask your funeral director about music ideas, as well as about other funeral services, but the information below will help you choose music that fits your loved one perfectly.

  • Money-Saving Tips for Planning Your Own Funeral

    There are pretty much two types of people: those who hate to be reminded about their own eventual death and those who aren't bothered about thinking of the inevitable. Despite this division, people are increasingly choosing to plan their own funeral, which is definitely a sensible thing to do. The actual extent of planning varies, with some people just writing down a few notes and keeping it somewhere safe, while others make a full, detailed plan and even put aside some money for funding everything.

  • Designing Gravestones for Atheists: Ideas to Consider

    If you are pre-planning and paying for most of your funeral, you should consider choosing your headstone as well. However, if you are an atheist, you may be wondering what type of headstone is in line with your religious beliefs. There are a number of options you can explore. Take a look at these ideas:   1. Short and simple Your headstone or cemetery monument doesn't have to say anything about your religion.

  • 3 Things to Do Immediately after Your Loved One Dies

    The moments following a loved one's demise are full of turmoil and emotional upheaval. However, if you are tasked with the responsibility of taking charge of funeral arrangements, your work becomes that much more difficult. There are many things to think about, and you may not be in a state to consider them all, particularly following an unexpected death. Below we provide a checklist of the most important things to consider immediately following your loved one's demise.

  • Commonly Asked Questions About Working With a Funeral Director

    Planning a funeral is a very difficult task for many people, and a funeral director can help to make it easier and more comfortable for the friends and family involved. However, if you've never planned a funeral, then you may not know what a funeral director does and how to work with him or her. Note a few commonly asked questions about funerals and a funeral director so you know more about what's involved in the planning process and how to work with this type of professional.

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    The final goodbye

    Working in a funeral home means we give people a chance to say their final goodbye to loved ones. No matter how hard it is in the moment to let go, when they look back, they are always grateful when they look back to have had a chance to mourn with family and friends and say their final goodbye. Everyone mourns differently, so we have different services and structures to support people through the process of choosing all of the details of the service. If you are confused by the options available, keep reading. This site is an introduction to funeral services.